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Lifestyle 25 Signs You're Definitely The Mooch Of Your Friend Group  

Jacob Shelton
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If you have a close knit group of friends then you’re well aware that one of you is a moocher, and if you don’t know which friend it is, then it’s highly likely that you are the mooching friend. If you’re not sure where you fall on the mooch scale, ask yourself these questions: Do I ever pay for drinks? When was the last time I bought a new piece of furniture? Am I a bad friend? Being a moocher in a friend group isn’t about who has less money, it’s about a person who takes advantage of their friends without having the wherewithal to say thank you or reciprocate the friendly gesture. As you read through these telling signs that someone is a freeloader, ask yourself: am I a mooch?

It’s completely normal to ask yourself, “Do my friends like me?” Depending on how old you are, you’ve lived with yourself for close to 30 years so it makes sense that you’re exhausted with being around yourself – but that doesn’t mean that your friends hate you. However, if you’re the kind of person who takes and takes without ever giving back then your friends are probably thinking of kicking you out of the group, or at the very least they’re going to stop inviting you to their more exciting get-togethers. For many people, being a good friend is an important life goal - you may be sabotaging yourself without even realizing it. Vote on the most telling signs that you may be taking more than you are giving in your relationships. 

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Appetizers Seem Like A Splurge

73 89
You've Never Bought A Round Of Drinks

58 69
You're Constantly Rationalizing Your Lifestyle With Your Friends

65 81
You're Not Paying For Any Of Your Digital Streaming Subscriptions

67 85
People Refer To You As "Absentminded"

49 65
Everyone Is Used To Your Excuses

52 74
You're Weird About Sharing Your Food

45 73
People Instinctively Pay For Your Meals

38 74
People Are Shocked When You Pay For Something

38 78
Nothing Is Ever Your Fault

35 81
You Only Bring Cheap Beer To Parties

32 77
Everyone Else Pays For Your Ride Share

31 75
When Was The Last Time You Did Your Own Laundry?

30 77
People Are Surprised When You Don't Ask Them For Anything

32 87
You Live With Two Or More Roommates

32 88
You're Constantly Borrowing Clothing

28 79
People Are Always Asking If You Have Ambitions

30 87
You Look Considerably Worse Than Everyone In Your Group

21 70
You Give People Gifts That You End Up Using

29 94
You've Asked One Of Your Friends To Co-Sign A Loan

19 79
Your Credit Card Is Constantly Being Declined

17 73
All Of Your Furniture Used To Belong To One Of Your Friends

15 74
You've Never Been Invited To A Major Life Event

12 80
You've Been Referred To As The Group Mascot

12 85
You've Seriously Considered Filing A Frivolous Lawsuit