These "Signs You're A Real Adult" Tweets Show The Most Hilarious Reactions To Realizing You're Older

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Everyone gets older. It's possible to age gracefully on the outside, totally skipping fine lines and sun spots, but it's much harder to avoid those self-reflections that make one wonder where all the time has gone. In the blissful throes of youth, one rarely understands the true value of a dollar; it's also incredibly unlikely that a child would choose bran cereal that keeps him regular over yummy Cinnamon Toast Crunch, one of the sugary, processed breakfast foods that youngsters adore. Once you become a real adult, though, you realize that a $100 only stretches so far and that a sugary cereal rush doesn't really compare to a regular digestive tract. 

There are already so many annoying stereotypes about the younger generation but now millennials have to deal with the pressures of becoming older in addition to dealing with baby boomers that think young people are ruining the world. Soon the '80s and '90s babies will become just as wrinkled as their jaded grandparents. 

In acknowledgement and bleak acceptance of that fact, some young adults are tweeting about the moments when everything got real. Their coming-of-age tweets are self-deprecating but also really funny. When did you realize that you'd finally become a real adult?

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    Money Doesn't Seem As Valuable


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    Going Out Isn't All That Fun


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    Kitchen Accessories Are The New Cool Toys


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    You Only Expect Bills In The Mail


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    Parents Finally Make Sense


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    You Understand Why Parents Worry