How To Tell If You’re A Natural-Born Witch

Whether you realize it or not, there is an entire group of people who are tuned into a universal energy that the rest of the world ignores - they’re called witches and they’re all around us.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re connected to something bigger than yourself, or that you’re just more in tune with nature than others are, then you might just be picking up on your own witchiness and it’s time to discover how you fit into the coven. Witches are real. They live and work among us while doing their best to keep the universe in alignment, but how do you know if you’re one of the few who has the ability to act in harmony with the unseen world? The following signs that you're a witch will help you determine whether or not you’re a true witch, and then it’s up to you to decide what to do with your newfound abilities.

Are you a witch? If you don’t know, but have always had a sneaking suspicion that you might be, these facts will help you determine if you’re a twisted sister or just a Wiccan wannabe. Even if you aren’t a natural-born witch, there are still a few ways for you to become a witch and they’ve been laid out plainly for you below - now it’s just up to you to take your destiny by the broom.


  • Do You Feel Like An Outsider?

    Do You Feel Like An Outsider?
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    How do you spend most of your days? If you're hanging out with the cheerleading squad, or gabbing with your large group of friends, then you're probably not a witch. But if you dealt with depression as a teen and found yourself preferring to hang out by yourself in your room or in mother nature, then you may very well be a witch.

    Keep in mind that simply hanging out by yourself isn't a good enough reason to consider yourself a witch, you also need to have some of the other qualities mentioned on this list.

  • Are You Controlling Of Others?

    Are You Controlling Of Others?
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    Do you ever feel like you have some sort of hold over people? Can you always convince your friends, family, and strangers to go along with your plans? Even if you aren't some cruel Machiavellian who sees the world as a chess board, you may still be controlling people without realizing that your doing so.

    People in the Christian faith believe that there are many witches who don't know that they're witches, and who try to control entire congregations by manipulating the men in the church.

  • Are You In Touch With Your "Volcanic" Sensual Energy?

    Are You In Touch With Your "Volcanic" Sensual Energy?
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    Most people aren't really in touch with the fiery ocean of sexual energy that flows through their veins, but you can be certain that everyone who does is a straight-up witch. Creative, sexual energy comes from your first and second chakras, which can be used to harness the powers of the universe for fun and profit.

  • Have You Ever Set Something On Fire With Your Mind?

    Have You Ever Set Something On Fire With Your Mind?
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    ...Or someone? Or, have you ever gotten so angry at your little brother that you almost burned the house down? If so, this is evidence of your inherent pyrokinesis, which is proof that you're most definitely a witch. If you can harness this kind of power, then you need to either reign it in completely or learn how to control it so that you don't go around burning stuff down every time something doesn't go your way.