All The Signs You're Dating A Basic B*tch 

Michael Grimes
Updated February 20, 2020 59.4k votes 3k voters 63k views 45 items

What is a basic b*tch? They're those peppy, cute, and pretty much mindless trend followers who don't seem to have an original thought in their heads. Sure, they can be fun to hang around with, but if you're not interested in a girl who obsesses over brunch and constantly brags about yoga, you may not want a basic b*tch girlfriend.

There are several ways you can spot a basic b*tch once you know the signs. Whether she's in her natural habitat at the local Starbucks (ordering a non-fat pumpkin spice latte, of course), running errands in her standard leggings/Uggs/sweatshirt get up, posting gym selfies with the hashtag #thinspiration, or uttering her catchphrase, "I literally can't even right now," the signals are loud and clear.

But which is worse: Her abuse of "inspirational" Marilyn Monroe quotes or her overly-used #blessed hashtag? It's up to you to answer that cringe-worthy question. Check out the top signs that you're dating a basic white girl, and vote up the most egregious acts of basic b*tchiness. Or in the words of her people: Keep calm and vote on!

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She abuses the word "literally"
"I literally can't even right now."
She loves Starbucks, especially pumpkin spice lattes
And takes pride in ordering drinks off of the "secret menu."
Her casual look is leggings with Uggs and a sweatshirt
She can tell you about the latest celebrity gossip, but has no clue what's happening in the news
"Who's Kim Jong Un? Anyway, Kourtney and Scott are totes having, like, major issues again..."
She can communicate entirely in emojis
You're honestly torn between bewilderment and admiration.
When drunk, she turns into a "woo girl"
She can't stop yelling it.
She refers to her group of friends as "b*tches"
Whenever something upsetting happens, she's quick to say, "everything happens for a reason."
She uses words like "totes," "sesh," "amaze," "delish," and "OMG" regularly
"OMG, we had a hot make out sesh last night. It was totes amaze ."
She totes can't control herself at Sephora
Don't even ask how much lip gloss she owns.
She always goes as a sexy version of something for Halloween
Sexy nurse, sexy vampire, sexy inmate, even a sexy shaman... nothing is sacred.
She's obsessed with brunch
Nearly half of her Instagram consists of filtered brunch pictures. #brunchgoals #bottomlessmimosas
She takes horoscopes seriously
... and knows your relationship strengths and weaknesses, according to your signs.
Her standard fall outfit consists of boots, denim jeans, and a puffy vest
Popularly dubbed "the Han Solo."
She has inspirational quotes EVERYWHERE
You're pretty sure she'd wither and die without the constant fuel of misattributed Buddha and Gandhi quotes.
She's into yoga and meditation - or at least she claims to be
She claims yoga is "sooooo relaxing," yet her yoga mat is collecting dust in her closet.
Her fashion icons are reality stars
"Khloe Kardashian's eyebrows are on fleek."
She does most of her shopping at Abercrombie, Hollister, and Victoria's Secret
And will all but sprint to the mall at the first sign of a sale.
She owns a "Live Laugh Love" sign
She regularly gets spray tanned or applies self-tanner
She owns several pairs of sweatpants with "PINK" embossed across the butt
She says she's "outraged" and "so offended" whenever she has a disagreement
Don't bother trying to make intelligent arguments... She'll block your attempts with the equivalent of putting her hands over her ears and going, "nah nah nah, I can't hear you!"
She constantly posts sunset pictures and hashtags them #blessed

The occasional sunset pic is fine, but a constant stream of them with the #blessed hashtag? You've definitely spotted a basic b*tch.

She has a hashtag for EVERYTHING
I dare you to find an Instagram picture without one. The limit does not exist.
She regularly posts workout selfies
And hashtags them #fitspo, #thinspiration, and #fitisbeautiful