Signs You Seriously Pissed Off The Demon Zozo With Your Silly Little Ouija Board

Zozo the Ouija board demon is becoming a true epidemic among people who just want to have a fun night and play around with the occult. This Ouija board demon who impersonates your loved ones is a malevolent force that you don’t want to come across – and you really don’t want to make it mad. If you're in a Ouija session, it's not hard to figure out when Zozo shows up, as it’s fond of spelling its own name. But how do you know if you’ve made it mad? The following creepy Ouija board stories contain some must-have information for knowing whether or not you’ve made a lifelong enemy of a powerful supernatural entity.

If you’re going to conduct a séance with a Ouija board it’s always good to have someone there who knows what they’re doing. The more experienced someone is, the more likely they are to keep you from running afoul of a demon. However, if you’re just playing around, you’ll likely find yourself coming face to face with a horrific demon. Read carefully and take notes on these signs you pissed off Zozo for your next Ouija session: they may save your soul.

  • After Summoning Zozo Your Electronic Devices Begin To Go Haywire
    Photo: The Demon's Rook / Black Rider Productions

    After Summoning Zozo Your Electronic Devices Begin To Go Haywire

    In an interview with the Baltimore Post Examiner paranormal investigator Darren Evans - who's had a lot of experience with Zozo - noted that the electronics around his house started acting up after he contacted the demon. His story was backed up by a user on Reddit who shared a story about what happened after they contacted the Ouija demon. After messing around with Zozo in a Ouija board session they went to bed thinking that everything was cool. That definitely wasn't the case. 

    "I was about to fall asleep when all of a sudden my favorite song started blaring from out of nowhere. I checked my devices. It was playing on my boyfriend's phone. It wasn't playing when I got in the room."

  • The Power In Your Place Keeps Going Out
    Photo: Demons / DACFILM Rome

    The Power In Your Place Keeps Going Out

    Ghosts, demons, and creatures from the beyond either love to mess with electronics or something about their chemical makeup wreaks havoc on anything that uses electrical power. Whatever the case, if you've been chatting with Zozo through your Ouija board and you notice your power start to blink in and out you should know that you're in big trouble.

    One Redditor who accidentally summoned Zozo confirms this theory. They wrote: 

    "I was sitting in my living room when all of a sudden the power goes out. It happened at almost the exact same time we started playing the Ouija board. Which I thought was kinda weird. Could be a coincidence but I wonder. And the power went out again a couple hours later, also coincidentally, when we played the last round."

  • You're Followed By A Shadow
    Photo: Insidious / Film District

    You're Followed By A Shadow

    There haven't been many instances where Zozo takes on a corporeal form, but it's not out of the question for an angry Ouija demon to start following you after a particularly harrowing chat. Darren Evans, a paranormal investigator from Oklahoma, has a long history with the Ouija board. He began using the board to contact spirits in the '80s and has had plenty of close calls with demons like Zozo. The entity has come after him in a variety of ways, but at one point it took on physical form to attempt to intimidate him, and in his interview with the Baltimore Examiner it sounds like the tactic worked. Evans claims that "on two occasions I saw a black shadowy mass following me around." 

    If you're in a situation where every time you get on the Ouija board you come across Zozo you may want to take a step back as to not anger the demon anymore than you already have. If you don't you may find the demon stalking you through your waking life in shadow form. 


  • You're Stuck With Bad Luck
    Photo: The Church / Cecchi Gori Distribuzione

    You're Stuck With Bad Luck

    Even if you don't incur a physical manifestation of Zozo you can still end up dealing with a run of bad luck thanks to the bad juju that this demon carries with it. Two friends who used a Ouija board to speak to one of their deceased parents ran across Zozo one night while the demon was in a rather tricky mood and it may have ruined their lives. The friends claim that a spirit began to answer their questions about their parents and suddenly "the pointer went O Z O Z O Z O Z O. We called him Oz," they reported. 

    The demon then began pretending to know things about their parents and it allegedly read the duo's minds. When the friends realized that they were being tricked it was too late. They attempted to end the session but Zozo became aggressive and started cursing them before they put the board away. From that moment on the friends claim that they've experienced nothing but bad luck. 

  • You Suddenly Have An Overwhelming Amount Of Angry Feelings
    Photo: Night of the Demons / Metro-Goldwyn Mayer

    You Suddenly Have An Overwhelming Amount Of Angry Feelings

    The biggest fear when it comes to dealing with evil spirits is the possibility that you're going to end up being possessed. This seems to be Zozo's endgame, but whether or not it seeks to possess someone only during the session or for the rest of their life has yet to be seen. A poster on Your Ghost Stories going by "April" wrote about how Zozo came to her and a friend before taking over her friend's thoughts. 

    Zozo first appeared when they asked “Is there anyone there?” The demon appeared with its usual "Z O Z O Z O Z O" and when the girls asked what it wanted Zozo responded, "her." Yikes. April claims that the demon became standoffish and repetitive so her friend started cursing at the board. After that the planchette grew hot and it began to spell "M A M A." From there April claims that she didn't feel like herself and that it felt like something was inside of her. "I began to laugh hysterically and then cry like I had no control over my emotions. My mood then turned to hatred again." 


  • The Planchette Gets Out Of Control
    Photo: Are You Here / MGK Multimedia

    The Planchette Gets Out Of Control

    When you're using a Ouija board the two main components of the experience are the board (obviously) and the planchette, which is the cursor that you put your hands on in order for the spirit world to use you as a medium. According to a lot of Ouija users who have come across Zozo, the first signs of the demon appear in the planchette. If you're using the board or having a séance and notice that the planchette is making erratic movements then it's time to put an end to the session. If you don't things are only going to get worse from there.

    After the planchette becomes erratic it could start making figure eight movements or moving from side to side in a "rainbow" motion. You'll know that things are really out of hand when the planchette begins to spell Z O Z O over and over again.