You've Been Watching Silence Of The Lambs Wrong For Years: It's A Comedy

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The world is full of funny horror movies, and then there are serious movies that are accidentally super goofy. But what if you learned one of the most revered psychological horror films of all time, is actually hilarious? The Silence of the Lambs may still be the fuel of many viewers' nightmares, what with it being one of the most famous serial killer movies ever made, but a little perspective reveals it's actually quite funny. Perhaps Clarice heard the young sheep chortling instead of screaming?

In 1991, The Silence of the Lambs, whether it is an accidental comedy or not, set the bar for all serial killer movies to come. Like many great mystery films, it focuses on a vulnerable but tenacious detective hero hot on the trail of a maniac murderer. The film has suspense, action, and even face-eating. Outright, it may not sound like a particularly silly horror movie, but when looked at from another perspective... well, just try not to laugh. Whether it's the blatant use of comedy tropes and joke structure, or the film's so-over-the-top-they're-funny characters, here's laugh-out-loud proof that Clarice Starling is just a gal having a comically bad couple of days. The Silence of the Lambs is a comedy that, once considered, may even land among the funniest movies ever made.