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"Silent Hill: Revelation 3D" movie quotes continue the "Silent Hill" video game franchise in this movie sequel written and directed by Michael J. Bassett. Just in time for Halloween 2012, "Silent Hill: Revelation 3D" was given a release date of October 26, 2012, in the United States.

In "Silent Hill: Revelation 3D," Heather Mason (also known as Sharon), portrayed by Adelaide Clemens, and her father, Christopher Da Silva (also known as Harry), played by Sean Bean, settle into a new city after years of moving around to evade mysterious forces. They seem to be in a good place, safe from their previous demons and moving on with their lives. That however all changes right before Heather is set to turn 18 years old when she gets this odd sense that danger is near. Her father urges her to come home but when Heather arrives, alongside new friend Vincent (Kit Harington), her father is missing yet a familiar symbol and message to come to Silent Hill are waiting.

Heather heads to the alternate dimension of Silent Hill in search of her father only to discover that her life as she knows it is false. Not only that, Heather is deemed the chosen one to fend off the cult that holds the town of Silent Hill at bay all while fending off horrific monsters and searching for her lost father.

Like other movies released around Halloween, "Silent Hill: Revelation 3D" is likely to scare but if something a bit more relaxed is your speed, check out "Alex Cross," "Smashed," "Sinister," "Seven Psychopaths," "Argo," "Here Comes the Boom," "The Paperboy," "Taken 2," "Frankenweenie," "Butter," "Won't Back Down," and "Looper."
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Darkness is Coming

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Dahlia: "You should never have come back because now you have given the order that they could never have. Are we to destroy Alessa and you?"

Heather: "Where is my father?"

Dahlia: "There is nothing you can do to save him without damning yourself."

Heather: "I don't care. Just tell me what you know."

Dahlia: "I know the darkness is coming. It's safer to be inside. Run! Run!"

In the foggy dimension of Silent Hill, Heather meets up with Dahlia who provides her with some advice as well as a warning.
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They're Calling Me

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Harry: "Come on, kiddo. It's just a dream."

Heather: "They're calling me."

Awoken by a nightmare, Heather, or Sharon as she is also known, takes comfort from her father, Harry. Though Harry tries to reassure her that the horrific images were just a dream, Heather knows that the demons she saw are real.
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It's a Key

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Heather: "It's a key. What does it unlock?"

Leonard: "The true nature of things"

Finally coming face to face with Leonard Wolf, the insane cult leader whose group controls Silent Hill, Heather asks about the symbol. The answer however is quite cryptic.
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Heather, Help Me

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Heather: "How can I find my dad?"

Vincent: "Heather, help me."

Heather: "Tell me where he is."

Vincent: "In the sanctuary, beneath the amusement park. I can help you."

Heather: "Fine"

Bound to a gurney, Vincent tries his best to remain still so the nurse monsters all around him do not attack but that is easier said than done when Heather is right there asking for information about her father. Together they fight off the nurses and flee.
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