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15 Times You've Seen the Silicon Valley Actors Before

Updated 29 May 2018 2.7k views15 items

Silicon Valley is a hidden gem on HBO that you should definitely be watching. If you're already tuning into Game of Thrones week after week, Silicon Valley is a great way to wind down after seeing your favorite characters brutally murdered right before your eyes. If you watch the show, or even if you've just caught a few previews and trailers here and there, you've almost undeniably recognized some familiar faces. 

The Silicon Valley stars have all had other notable roles in their careers. From Deadpool on the silver screen to The Big Bang Theory on the small one, Silicon Valley actors are everywhere. Of course, not all of their roles have been in the most mainstream and recognizable movies and shows. Josh Brener, who plays Big Head, has starred in shorts called Nachos: A Story of Love and Despair and The Condom Killer. Meanwhile, Gilfoyle's Martin Starr had a part in a dark short called 1-900-Drinking-Buddy.

Of course, you probably don't recognize them from those roles. But almost all of the Silicon Valley actors also have more recognizable parts, which is why you've probably found yourself searching IMDb trying to figure out who that guy from Silicon Valley is. Next time, skip IMDb and just refer to this this handy list.
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