The Silliest Fights Every Couple Has at Some Point

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Let’s face it – if you’re around someone enough, especially someone you love, you’re going to butt heads on occasion. It’s important to know that not every little disagreement is the end of the world, nor should it spell the end of a relationship. There are certain classic arguments in particular that couples should almost expect to happen eventually. So, avoid slamming on the panic button or feeling bad about these quarrels that so many lovers will find themselves dealing with.
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    The Choosing What To Eat While Indecisive And Increasingly Hungry Clash

    “What do you want to eat?” is quite possibly the most difficult question because it doesn’t have a definitive answer to it. When a person is uncertain, they should change the question to, “What don’t I want to eat?” and narrow it down from there. Instead, the fact that one person is hangry and the other is hungry, uncertain and feeling pressured, can lead to the couple having a hefty serving of beef before they actually acquire grub.
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    The I Wasn’t Annoyed Until You Kept Asking Me What Was Wrong

    Nothing makes a not-mad person mad like repeatedly accusing them of being mad. When you repeatedly ask someone what’s wrong with them, or insinuate that they’re not in a good mood, rest assured that if your hunch wasn’t right, it will be once you keep insisting that there’s an issue. This is literally fighting over absolutely nothing, but that’s what people who love each other do, they annoy one another and sometimes when there’s absolutely no issue, they still find a way to overcome the lack of material, and create a silly little fight.
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    The ‘You’re Gonna Make Us Late’ War

    Lateness is often a recurring tendency, so that’s likely why this leads to such frustration. If both parties were aware well in advance of what time something was scheduled for, surely the one who prepared accordingly is going to be irritated with the one who has no regard for clocks. Being late yourself is one thing, but making your significant other be late with you is certainly going to warrant some complaints, and a potential repeating of said complaints at every red light that makes you further late on the way to your destination.
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    The Jokes Gone Awry

    Sometimes it’s a comment that was meant to be playful, other times it’s a little prank, but this is like a comedian bombing as the crowd, or in this case, the significant other, doesn’t respond with laughter. Suddenly they’re annoyed, resulting in the joke-maker being annoyed that they’re unable to take a joke, and then suddenly it’s mutual irritation.
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    Someone Is Being A Backseat Driver

    Saying anything to the person who is driving, especially when they’re under duress trying to follow directions, or like merge into a lane, is all bad news. Nobody wants added pressure, and even if you’re giving constructive criticism you can fully expect the driver to respond with the ferocity of a pitbull. Speaking of a Pitbull, selecting music in the car with your lover isn’t unlikely to result in some disputes as well.
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    Blanket Usage And Bed Spacing

    Some people are burning hot when they sleep, some like a lot of blankets, some move around a lot, some flail limbs and need space – people have different tendencies when they’re getting Zs. It seems that over a long enough span of time, two people can bank on clashing over comfort at some point, if not semi-regularly.
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