The Silliest Things You Thought Were True as a Kid 

Erica Scheidt
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Looking at this list, it's amazing we were able to get through our childhood without having a nervous breakdown. Seriously! The amount of silly things you believed as a kid and the little lies that we had to tell ourselves just to get through those traumatic childhood days is insane. There were monsters everywhere, sharks in the swimming pool, and plenty to worry about as fair as cutting your hair and eating watermelon seeds. Now that we're mature, grown adults, we definitely don't believe any of these silly lies anymore. Riiiiight? 

When you were growing up, what silly things did you believe? Did you actually believe that the world was in black and white before color TV was invented? Did those horror movies that you were way too young to watch traumatize you so much that you were actually afraid of being sucked down the bathtub drain? What silly thing did you tell yourself in order to avoid the monsters that most definitely lived under your bed or in the closet?

From flat out ridiculous to straight up delusional, which of these silly things did you believe in the most when you were a young, innocent, naive child? How many of you out there still think chocolate milk comes from brown cows? We'll admit we're still a little afraid of the dark, what about you? Let us know in the comments section and be sure to vote up the beliefs on this list that you also thought were 100% true as a child.

Is your weird childhood believe not listed? Add it below to help others remember all the ridiculous things they believed when they were kids. 
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RebellionxGamer added If You Pulled Your Blanket Up Over You Then Nothing Could Get You.
When You Turned the Lights Off in a Room, You Had to Sprint Out to Avoid Monsters
Yeah, we still do this.
If You Swallowed a Watermelon Seed, it Would Grow Inside Your Stomach
Water daily and you'll have yourself a garden.
john-morgan added If You Shave Your (chest, Legs, Etc) the Hair Will Grow Back Thicker and Darker
Your Stuffed Animals Came to Life When You Weren't Looking
Toy Story was a documentary, right?
All Grownups Knew What They Were Talking About and Were Always Right
If You Thought Hard Enough, You Could Move Stuff with Your Mind
But we could never show anyone our hidden talent.
There Were People Who Controlled the Stoplights at Every Intersection
We've always wondered why we only hit red lights.
TheWelshGuy added That Father Christmas Was Real!
RobLein added If You Crossed Your Eyes, They Would Stay That Way
Uncles and aunts were great at saying this.
Lauren Slocum added All Inanimate Objects Had Feelings
john-morgan added Everybody Must Obey My Mother
travis-harris added Stepping On Lines / Cracks Could Hurt Parents Spines / Backs
travis-harris added If I Can't See You, You Can't See Me.
If You Didn't See it, it Didn't Exist
Ignorance is bliss!
RobLein added My Dad Was the Toughest Dad in the World
Kids still get into fights over whose dad was the toughest in the world.
You Could Get Sucked Down the Bathtub's Plughole
Why do you think all kids eventually switch to showers?
Chocolate Milk Came from Brown Cows
And strawberry milk came from pink cows, obv.
Elemenopee Was One Word (Instead of L-M-N-O-P)
We still recite the alphabet this way...
There Were Sharks in the Deep End of the Swimming Pool
Shallow end for life; we're still scared.
Mirrors Were Windows to Other Worlds
And all closets are portals to Narnia!
MM added When there was a whole moon a wolf would come out and howl


MM added If you peed in the pool it would turn different colors


RobLein added Drinking Coffee Made You Short