The Silliest Things You Thought Were True as a Kid

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Silly beliefs you held as a stupid little kid. Upvote the things you remember arguing about on the playground.

Looking at this list, it's amazing we were able to get through our childhood without having a nervous breakdown. Seriously! The amount of silly things you believed as a kid and the little lies that we had to tell ourselves just to get through those traumatic childhood days is insane. There were monsters everywhere, sharks in the swimming pool, and plenty to worry about as fair as cutting your hair and eating watermelon seeds. Now that we're mature, grown adults, we definitely don't believe any of these silly lies anymore. Riiiiight? 

When you were growing up, what silly things did you believe? Did you actually believe that the world was in black and white before color TV was invented? Did those horror movies that you were way too young to watch traumatize you so much that you were actually afraid of being sucked down the bathtub drain? What silly thing did you tell yourself in order to avoid the monsters that most definitely lived under your bed or in the closet?

From flat out ridiculous to straight up delusional, which of these silly things did you believe in the most when you were a young, innocent, naive child? How many of you out there still think chocolate milk comes from brown cows? We'll admit we're still a little afraid of the dark, what about you? Let us know in the comments section and be sure to vote up the beliefs on this list that you also thought were 100% true as a child.

Is your weird childhood believe not listed? Add it below to help others remember all the ridiculous things they believed when they were kids. 
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  • 26

    Mirrors Were Windows to Other Worlds

    And all closets are portals to Narnia!
  • 27

    Before Color TV Was Invented, the Whole World Was in Black and White

    No gray areas here!
  • 28

    Teachers Lived in the Classroom

    They don't have lives, right?
  • 29

    Every Song on the Radio Was Being Played Live

    Rockstars obviously had nothing better to do.
  • 30

    People were recording your life

    "An invisible camera just shooting my life away''

  • 31

    That Was Actually Mickey Mouse You Met at Disneyland

    Definitely not a struggling actor!
  • 32

    If You Flushed the Toilet While Sitting Down, You'd Get Sucked In

    That scene from Trainspotting was too real.
  • 33

    If You Don't Stop That, You'll Go Blind

  • 34

    People on TV Shows Lived Inside the Television

    And they can hear your laughs over the laugh track, right?
  • 35

    Actors Killed in the Movies Died in Real Life

    It's called method acting.
  • 36

    All Cats Were Female and All Dogs Were Male

    Thanks a lot, Lisa Frank.
  • 37

    If Your Hands Got Wrinkly from Swimming for Too Long, You Were Turning Into an Old Person

    Raisin hands are the worst.
  • 38

    Oil Refineries Were Cloud Factories

    Definitely not pollution factories.
  • 39

    Girls Pee Out of Their Rear Ends

    Some grown men probably still think this.
  • 40

    You can see Santa Claus when you behave

  • 41

    If You Cut Your Hair, it Doesn't Grow Back

    "I don't want to be bald, Mama!"
  • 42

    If you untie your bellybutton, your bottom falls off

  • 43

    If You Chose to be The US President, You Will Have to be Assassinated