Total Nerd The Silver Surfer's Greatest Foes  

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Being a herald of Galactus sure does earn you your fair share of enemies. Kind of hard not to shoot the messenger when the message is "hey my boss is going to come eat your planet." In the Silver Surfer comic and The Fantastic Four, there are lots of great villains to contend with. Which Silver Surfer villains and foes are the best?

There are lots of rogues and Silver Surfer bad guys to choose from. Is your favorite of these Marvel Comics villains one of the classics like Thanos, Firelord, or even Galactus himself? Or perhaps it's one of the newer foes like Skaar or Carnage? Whatever the case, vote up the baddest villains in Silver Surfer below and let's find out who Silver Surfer's greatest foe of all time is!