TMI Facts About Simon Cowell's Sex Life 

Jacob Shelton
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Simon Cowell is famous for two things: being a total jerk to the contestants on his reality shows, and somehow managing to have a lot of sex. Simon Cowell sex life facts aren’t hard to come by. The star has been pretty open - and self-congratulatory - about all his bedroom escapades. But the Simon Cowell NSFW info on this list goes above and beyond his interview blustering. Where else can you find out how many women the American Idol creator claimed to have slept with? Or which pair of famous breasts are his favorite in the whole wide world? Prepare for the "ick" factor (see what we did there?), because you’re about to read a bunch of TMI facts about Simon Cowell’s sex life.

On this list, you'll find out what it takes to join the Simon Cowell girlfriend club, plus what one celebrity thinks about the size of his manhood. Among reality show hosts, he’s is a divisive figure. So in England, Simon Cowell dating gossip is almost a form of currency. He’s not just consistently in and out of the papers for being naughty to the people on his shows, but also for getting a different kind of naughty with his fellow judges. (Or so he claims.) Now that he's married, maybe all the sexy rumors will stop. Or maybe not.
His Middle Name Is Stamina

According to the model Alicia Douvall, Simon Cowell is the type of guy who'll keep you up past your bed time and well into the next day. In an interview, she mentioned that back in 2001, she and Cowell had sex 11 times in one night.  
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Sharon Osbourne Thinks He Has a Small Penis

Sharon Osbourne is famous for refusing hold her tongue. When asked about why she thinks Cowell is such a jerk, she said, "He's wealthy, he's powerful, he's creative, he's got everything … but you can't buy the goods," and then she pointed at her crotch
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He Claims He's Slept with 2,000 Women

During his "good times," Cowell claims he slept with his as many as two women a week. When discussing his love of the ladies, he said, "I like women. I just like them. I like flirting, and I like to listen."
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He Likes 'Em Young

In incredibly disturbing news, it was revealed that when he was 25, Cowell began dating one of his most famous ex-girlfriends: the pop singer Sinitta. At the time, she was only 14.  

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