The Most Ridiculously Simple Questions Women Can't Agree On

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Why can't women agree about the best method of birth control? Or how often they should wash their hair? We went over to r/AskWomen to find out which simple questions almost all women can't seem to agree on. Are leggings pants or are they tights? More importantly - can you wear them to the grocery store and still claim to be fully clothed? Which is better to have, straight or curly hair? Are high heels worth it? It's about these issues, big or small, that women tend to have divided opinions across the board. 

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    Whether or not public breastfeeding is ok

  • 2

    Breastfeeding vs. bottlefeeding

  • 3

    Body hair preferences: shave, wax, laser, or au naturel

  • 4

    Whether you should change your last name when you get married

  • 5

    Tampons vs. pads

  • 6

    Beards vs. no beards on men

  • 7

    Being a stay-at-home mom vs. a work-outside-the-home mom

  • 8

    Whether or not leggings are real pants

  • 9

    Best method of birth control

  • 10

    Makeup vs. no makeup

  • 11

    Showering every day vs. every other day

  • 12

    How often you should wash your hair

  • 13

    Natural vs. medicated childbirth

  • 14

    Whether it's better to have straight or curly hair

  • 15

    Whether it's better to hook your bra in the back or put your bra on backwards, twist it around, then put the straps on

  • 16

    Backstreet Boys vs. N'Sync

  • 17

    Whether skirts/dresses or pants are more comfortable

  • 18

    Best underwear type

  • 19

    Whether high heels are worth it

  • 20

    If manbuns are awesome or terrible