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Which Of 'The Simpsons' Characters Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Ever felt like Homer Simpson as you chow down on a whole box of doughnuts, or a little too much like Ralph Wiggum as you feel overwhelmingly compelled to shove a toy soldier up your nose? Well, it turns out the stars might have more to say about that than you're comfortable with - be prepared to relate to The Simpsons on a totally celestial level! It's time to break down how each zodiac sign explains your quirks through the vibrant personalities of The Simpsons cast

During its decades on the air, there have been countless The Simpsons episodes which have broken the molds of modern television. While the show slammed the airwaves with epic content, its audience members found themselves diving deep into fan theories, making their own Simpsons content, and relating to its cast of colorful characters on multiple occasions. Now it's time for the stars to have their say in the matter.