The Best Fictional Movies On 'The Simpsons,' Ranked

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Vote up the movies based on how much you want to see them at the Springfield Multiplex

From the many films in Rainier Wolfcastle's epic career to the small snippets that were teased during the Springfield Film Festival, here is a look at the many, many films from The Simpsons. Vote up the films you would love to watch while eating a questionable hot dog at the Springfield Multiplex, vote down the films that are best to wait for release at VHS Village (formerly known as the Beta Barn). 

  • 1. 'Cosmic Wars: Episode VII - A New Take'

    'Cosmic Wars: Episode VII - A New Take'
    Photo: Fox
    11 votes
  • 2. 'Do You Want Lies With That?'

    'Do You Want Lies With That?'
    Photo: Fox
    10 votes
  • 3. 'Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie'

    'Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie'
    Photo: Fox
    24 votes
  • 4. 'Man Getting Hit By Football'

    'Man Getting Hit By Football'
    Photo: Fox
    20 votes
  • 5. 'The Muppets Go Medieval'

    'The Muppets Go Medieval'
    Photo: Fox
    23 votes
  • 6. 'Roger Corman’s Titanic'

    'Roger Corman’s Titanic'
    Photo: Fox
    14 votes