The Funniest Simpsons Fan Art

The Simpsons has a distinctive style, one that fans love to riff on in original artwork. Simpsons fan art takes advantage of the instantly recognizable characters and animation. Any time you see someone with that cartoony style, four fingers, bulging eyes, and yellow skin. It's pretty clearly Simpsons-inspired. Which makes it easy for fans to parody and homage. But that's a double-edged sword: it also makes it extra hard to recreate the first family of Springfield in any style that isn't the classic Matt Groening way.

Still, passionate fans find ways. The Simpsons have been around for nearly  decades at this point. Three decades! That's a staggering figure for any show, much less an absurdist cartoon sitcom chock full of references both popular and esoteric. Yet somehow The Simpsons has stayed relevant all these years, and the audience keeps creating cool Simpsons artwork playing the show's imagery.

Not only does the show have a passionate following it also has a very specific style.
 These are the people who've achieved that lofty goal. This the best alt art by the fans! These are the funniest pieces of Simpsons fan art! Vote up your favorites below!

  • 1. 742 Evergreen Terrace

    742 Evergreen Terrace
    Photo: Tohad / via Deviant Art
  • 2. A Sideshow of Sophistication

    A Sideshow of Sophistication
    Photo: SpaceCoyote / Heavy
  • 3. Anime Lisa Is Awfully Comfy with Anime Milhouse

    Anime Lisa Is Awfully Comfy with Anime Milhouse
    Photo: Fair Use
  • 4. Grand Theft Otto

    Grand Theft Otto
    Photo: DanLuVisiArt / via Deviant Art