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Horror Icons Who Guest Starred On 'The Simpsons'

Updated March 20, 2019 4.1k views16 items

Earning a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for the "Most Guest Stars Featured in a TV Series" in 2016, The Simpsons has a reputation for dragging every celebrity in Hollywood into their studio for some personal time. Going strong for 30 seasons and counting, not only have multiple generations of major-league athletes, politicians, and movie stars been invited to join in on the show's weird, animated world, but plenty of space has been saved for chilling horror cameos on The Simpsons, too.

Throughout the span of the series, horror icons on The Simpsons have provided enough spooky energy to keep Springfield feeling haunted year-round, not just when it comes time for their seasonal "Treehouse of Horror" specials. Notably one of the most recognizable and memorable cartoons of all time, and a colorfully hilarious roller coaster enjoyed by both kids and adults, for a celebrity, appearing on The Simpsons is just another casual stint in their career. Think you can recognize all of the Simpsons horror guest stars that have wandered onto the set?