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28 Awesome Tattoos Inspired by The Simpsons

For decades the Simpsons have graced our TVs with their yellow and hilarious presence. There isn’t a person under the age of 50 who can’t name their favorite character or their favorite quote. With hundreds of episodes, it should come as no surprise that people have their favorite eras of The Simpsons episodes. One of the ways that a lot of people have chosen to show their love for their favorite portions of the series is to go out and get Simpsons tattoos, which might be the best idea ever. When you get a Homer Simpson tattoo, that says something about who you are: your sense of humor, your dedication to the longest-running animated series of all time, and your love of donuts. If you’ve been thinking about getting in on the Simpsons tattoo fun but aren’t sure what to get, check out these awesome tattoos of Springfield’s first family and maybe you’ll get some ideas.

The Simpsons tattoo ideas tend to go in a couple of ways. You can go with a straight tattoo of your favorite character in an iconic outfit, or you can go full nerd and get something that only a true Simpsons fan would recognize. From little known quotes to classic portraits of the main characters, the Simpsons tattoos on this list are something that any fan would be proud of. Go ahead and vote up your favorite Simpsons tattoo, and if your awesome Ms. Krabapple tattoo isn't listed – don’t have a cow man!

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