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Horror Movie References In 'The Simpsons' 'Treehouse Of Horror' Specials

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The Simpsons became the longest-running primetime scripted television series in April 2018 when it aired episode 636. During its decades of entertaining viewers, the show has left its mark on pop culture with its quirky cast of characters, brilliant jokes, and predictions that eventually came true. Its deft usage of pop culture references, woven throughout every episode, has only aided its longevity. The homages are always current, and the show seems to have its finger on the pulse of societal issues consistently.

At no time are these references more front-and-center than in The Simpsons annual Treehouse of Horror specials. These episodes pull inspiration from many places, but horror films are always the priority. From 1931's Frankenstein to 2007's Paranormal Activity, the twisted takes on familiar material never fail to delight and surprise the audience. 

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