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Sims FreePlay Best Hobby

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    Ghost Hunting

    Up to 10 sims can participate on one lot. Requires 'haunted' objects which are marked with a tiny red ghost in the home-store.Unlocks: "Ghost Containment Tank".Pros: Every 3 taps when catching a ghost gives XPs/§s/LP.Cons: Tapping the ghost three times can be tricky on small screens. (Haunted items need to recharge (10-30 mins) as of the Teen Update!!).
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    Fashion Designing

    The "Fashion Studio" can be bought from the "Promotions 'R US" for §2500 and placed at home (requires 2x2 squares). Unlocks: "Fashion Outfits" the first time, "Lucky Hat" the second time. (Use "Start a New Collection" to clear the grid and go for the next collection).Pros: can be done at home and by multiple sims at the same time, despite no returning rewards for already collected items, there is the bonus per light bulb.Cons: tapping game for getting the three lightbulbs can be frustrating on older phones/tablets due to lag. Already collected items do NOT yield rewards.
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    Hobbies for Pre-Teens only:Ballet: Can be done at the ground floor of the community center. No collectibles while practicing, gives only experience and XP points, but unlocks various hobby-related items while completing levels. For at home, a "Record Player" like at the community center is available from the home-store.Pros: unlocks ballet themed items/wallpapersCons: none
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    For Pre-Teens, Teens and Adults - Requires Swimming Pool (in town). Up to 4 sims can participate simultaneously.Unlocks: "Diving Boards" so you can practice at home too.Pros: none.Cons: Each collected dive is only rewarded when completing it for the first time, any subsequent identical dives get no XP and §, except for the action itself!
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