Ranker Readers Are Revealing The One Singer They Could Listen To For The Rest Of Their Life

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Vote up the singers you wouldn’t mind being confined to listen to forever.

"Alexa, please put that song on repeat." Have you ever been so obsessed with an artist that you can't stop listening to their music? And we are not talking about blasting a hit song because it plays a lot on the radio or you hear it all over social media. We are referring to those singers who stand the test of time and who have impacted your life for years now. Maybe it is because there is a special connection between you two, or maybe their music helps you heal, or maybe you are simply too lazy to look for a new artist and start all over. Whatever the reason is we assure you that you won't get bored of this best-singers-ever list anytime soon. Trust us, we are there too. Check out which singers our readers would never get tired of and vote up the ones you could jam to forever!