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Single Dad Illustrates Everyday Life Raising His Daughter In 10+ Emotional Comics

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Comic strips about being a parent usually revolve around conflicts with family members or the difficulties of raising children. It's not often that comics embrace the love between parents and children in a heartwarming way, but this dad writes comics about him and his daughter that are cute and emotional at the same time. Single father Yannick Vicente started drawing comic illustrations of his everyday life with his young daughter Anaé as a gift for her, but quickly realized he was creating them for himself as well.

Hollywood tends to romanticize single fathers in movies and thanks to many celebrity single dads, a man raising a child by himself is usually viewed quite differently than single mothers. Vicente wanted to prove dads can be just as affectionate, choosing to reflect real life through his illustrations like Inkollo's Daily Life of a Gay Couple. Vicente's heartwarming single dad comics have gone viral since being posted to Facebook and Twitter, and parents all over the world can relate to the emotions depicted in these comics by Yannick Vicente. Even if you're not a parent, these cute father daughter comic strips are sure to make you smile.

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