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"Sinister" movie quotes tell the tragic stories of several families linked together by tragic murders all connected by a supernatural deity. The horror film, which first debuted at South by Southwest in March 2012, received critical praise as a solidly frightening film. "Sinister," which was given a release date of October 12, 2012, in the United States, was written by C. Robert Cargill, produced by Jason Blum ("Paranormal Activity" and "Insidious") and directed by Scott Derrickson ("The Exorcism of Emily Rose" and "The Day the Earth Stood Still.")

In "Sinister," Ellison Oswalt is a family man with wife Tracy (Juliet Rylance), son Trevor (Michael Hall D'Addario) and daughter Ashley (Clare Foley) and a true-crime author looking for his next big story. He moves his family into a home previously owned by a family who was murdered both due to financial issues and to use the murders as his inspiration for a new book. Ellison however was not prepared for what he would find in the home's attic, a projector and films of other families who were also murdered mysteriously.

Ellison begins to investigate the murders further, using local law enforcement and a college professor for assistance, only to discover that they are all connected. Not only do the murders only happen to families who moved into homes formerly owned by other murder victims but the murders only happen after the new family moves to another home. In addition, each video contains a mysterious symbol which professor Jonas (Vincent D'Onofrio) connects to a Pagan deity Bagul who was known for abducting children. The jumpy horror film continues as Ellison attempts to unravel the mystery of the murders while also trying to keep his own family safe.

While "Sinister" might be viewed by some as the horror film of the year, for other movies less apt to give you nightmares, check out "Seven Psychopaths," "Argo," "Here Comes the Boom," "The Paperboy," "Taken 2," "Frankenweenie," "Butter," "Won't Back Down," "Hotel Transylvania," and "Looper."
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Serial Murders

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Deputy: "You think these are serial murders?"
Ellison: "I don't know. The first one I found dates back to the 60s."
Deputy: "The only link to all these cases is a symbol."

As Ellison begins to investigate the projection videos he found in the attic of his new home, he learns that each of the families shown in the tapes were murdered. Though he's unsure if this is a serial murder situation, he does notice one symbol that appears in all of the videos.
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The Best Book That Anybody's Ever Read

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Ashley: "I didn't want to move here."
Ellison: "We couldn't afford to live in the old house anymore. Plus, the new story I'm writing is here."
Trevor: "Is the new story a good one this time?"
Ellison: "I'm going to write the best book that anybody's ever read."

As we're introduced to the family, we see a loving father, Ellison, who moved his family into a home where the former residents were tragically murdered. Though his family has doubts about the move, Ellison sees this as an opportunity to write the novel of his career.
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We Have To Leave

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Tracy: "What's the matter? What's happened?"
Ellison: "Get the kids. Pack the car. We have to leave here now."

When strange things begin happening around the house, Ellison burns the video tapes and explains to his wife, Tracy, that for their safety they must leave. However, as in the tradition of the murders families are only killed after they move, perhaps leaving is not the best idea.
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Pagan Deity Named Bagul

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Jonas: "The symbol is associated with a Pagan deity named Bagul. He consumes the souls of human children. The ancient church believed that Bagul actually lived in the images themselves and that they were gateways into his realm. Children exposed to these images were especially vulnerable to Bagul's abductions."

After contacting the local police department, Ellison is put in touch with Jonas, a college professor who specializes in religious cults, who sheds more light on the mysterious symbol found in each of the videos. Jonas explains that the symbol is for Bagul, a Pagan deity who preys on children.
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