18 Siri FAILs That Will Ruin Your Day

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Oh, Siri. Sent to the human race by Apple to make our lives easier, Siri has only occasionally (and probably accidentally) actually worked out. Here, Apple said. Shout orders into your smartphone and hoping the disembodied robot woman inside understands you. What could go wrong?! These Siri fails prove why the little voice in your iPhone just kind of sucks.

From passive aggressive Siri comebacks, complete misunderstandings and robot/human communication fails, the Apple iPhone's little helper is sometimes just asking to be thrown off a cliff out of frustration. Want her to turn off your tunes? Sit back and listen as she plays your entire music library. Because that's what you wanted. And don't you dare look up your wife's phone number if she's anywhere near. Siri just might pull up all those other ladies in your contacts. Whoops!

Good luck getting accurate directions to pick up your date, or getting that robot lady to wish you happy Father's Day. You won't and she won't. Go home, Siri. You suck.

  • 1. Siri Judges Everything You Listen To

    Siri Judges Everything You Listen To
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    225 votes
  • 2. Siri Has Questionable Advice

    Siri Has Questionable Advice
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    183 votes
  • 3. Passive Aggressive Siri

    Passive Aggressive Siri
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    185 votes
  • 4. Siri Doesn't Like Hard Questions

    Siri Doesn't Like Hard Questions
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    155 votes
  • 5. Siri Hates Eggs

    Siri Hates Eggs
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    167 votes
  • 6. Okay Siri

    Okay Siri
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    178 votes