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Sisters Movie Quotes

Here are the best Sisters movie quotes, telling the story of two sisters who return to their childhood home for one last raging party before it is sold. The comedy film was written by Paula Pell and directed by Jason Moore. Sisters opened in theaters on December 18, 2015.

In Sisters, Katie (Tina Fey) and Maura Ellis (Amy Poehler) reunite as adults after some time away from each other. As part of their sisters reunion, they visit their childhood home only to learn that their parents had sold it and they are tasked with cleaning out their shared room.

While reminiscing, they have the urge to throw one last party before saying goodbye to the house. This idea is especially exciting to Katie who feels that the uptight Maura needs to break out of her post-divorce funk and let loose. The party, however, brings some interesting guests and learning experiences for all involved.

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    Congrats on Your Wrestling Championship

    Brinda: I heard you were having a party from someone who got invited! That's pretty sad!
    Maura: That's a snazzy belt!
    Brinda: Oh, thank you!
    Katie: Yeah, congrats on your wrestling championship!

    Katie and Maura run into old classmate Brinda at the local store where Brinda confronts them about not inviting her to their party. They don't apologize, rather take the opportunity to offend her once more.
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    That Got Dirty Really Fast

    Katie: We are looking for a yard artisan to do some work on our bushes.
    Maura: I bet working on other people's bushes really makes you want to whack your weeds.
    Katie: That was dirtier than I thought.
    Maura: I'm sorry. That got dirty really fast.

    The sisters see a landscaper at a nearby house and stop to share some steamy thoughts. All is going well until things get really naughty, really fast.
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    I Don't Get This Dress

    Katie: It's a lot of under-teat, but I think I'm getting away with it.
    Store Employee: It's on backwards.
    Maura: I don't get this dress. One of my apples keeps rolling out of the bag. I like the story it tells with the fringe. Oh, here we go.

    The sisters head to a local clothing store to get glammed up for their party. The latest fashions, however, confuse them, especially regarding which side is the front and which the back.
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    Ellis Sister Reunion

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    Maura: Hey, girl!
    Katie: Hey!
    Maura: Ellis sister reunion!
    Katie: What's your deal?
    Maura: I've been having a lot of fun!

    Sisters Katie and Maura meet up at the airport where they've gathered for a reunion. They're back in their hometown after some time apart and eager to catch up.
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