Surprisingly Interesting Stories About TV Sitcom Families

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Fictional family units have been a staple on television series since the very beginning of the television industry. This is especially true in sitcoms - from the Ricardos (I Love Lucy) and the Andersons (Father Knows Best) in the 1950s to the Pritchetts, Dunphys, and Tucker-Pritchetts (Modern Family) in the 21st century, audiences have always enjoyed shows that revolve around a "family." And while some television families are quirkier or more dysfunctional than others, in order to have a successful series run, they must all be relatable in some way.

Behind the scenes, television families aren't much different than real ones when it comes to dealing with the ups and downs in their relationships. Some actors develop such close relationships that they end up considering each other to be "like family." Others may take longer to build a good relationship - if they ever do. And sometimes real life intrudes onto the set, for good or bad.

Here are some behind-the-scenes stories from some of the more popular family-centric sitcoms of the past 50 years.