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Plot Holes In Popular Sitcoms Fans Couldn't Help But Notice

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Plot holes in sitcoms are nothing new, as these shows don't take as much care in maintaining continuity as other genres. And yet, there are certain plot holes that can change the way you perceive the series. Sometimes, established character traits completely clash with something that happens later on and it is just annoying to see. On other occasions, the overall joke of a situation is ruined if another event doesn't align with it. These are the biggest fan noticed plot holes in popular sitcoms

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    Marshall And Lily's Sudden Modesty In 'How I Met Your Mother'

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    From Redditor u/skibum607: 

    These plot holes are 'p*ssing' me off.

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    Danny Tanner's Financial Situation Shouldn't Be Possible In 'Full House'

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    From Redditor begfhn:

    What about the fact that Danny was somehow a full time college student and in a fraternity, while he was also married and raising a baby? Even if Pamela was a full-time stay at home mom, neither of them would have time for a job. How do they have so much money? Even if Danny's parents were super wealthy, I doubt they would pay his full tuition, buy him a big luxurious house, and cover all of his child support.

    Danny even mentions meeting girls at frat parties. In the season 2 finale, Danny said he bought the house before DJ was born. He was 19! Do they ever explain how they got the house? There's even some more unexplained financial questions. Danny apparently bought a car on his 20th birthday and lent Joey a ton of money when he was 19 with no intention of ever being paid back. He seems to never even think about money, despite still being very young and early in his career. The only times he doesn't get his daughters whatever they want, which is very rarely, it's to teach them some responsibility. The house is destroyed in several episodes and it's always treated like it's no big deal.

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    There Were More Christmases Than There Were Years In 'That '70s Show'

    From Redditor u/TheWickedMind:

    Eric's 18th birthday was in Season 6, but there were I guess two Halloween episodes and three Christmas episodes between when he was 17 and 18 and also in a 4-year time from '76 to '79 there were five Christmas episodes.

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    Aging Impossibly In 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

    From Redditor u/Mazen_AlLaithy:

    So this is either a plot hole or they were drinking youth fountain water from those glasses...

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