The Best Sitcoms In 2019

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Any new or returning sitcoms that aired new episodes during the 2019 calendar year.

UPDATED: Check out the Best New Sitcoms of 2020!

Situational comedies feel like the cornerstone of the TV watching experience - especially when it comes to shows on the Big Five network channels.  This list looks at the best current television sitcoms that that will be airing new episodes in 2019. Which are the best new and returning sitcoms in 2019?

The best sitcoms in 2019 include several returning favorites such as Bob's Burgers, Modern Family, and the Good Place. Some long-running sitcoms are seeing their last season in 2019, including The Big Bang Theory. Both Murphy Brown and One Day At A Time have returned or have been revived for the modern era and are airing new episodes in 2019, bringing a couple of the greatest sitcoms of all time into the 21st century. The idea of what makes a sitcom has expanded, bringing all types of new families, jobs, and groups of friends together for us to watch each week. Several of the best sitcoms in 2019 are even animated!

Which television sitcoms are you going to watch in 2019? Help others curate their must-see television evenings by voting up the best new and returning sitcom shows to air in 2019. Then, check out the best sitcoms airing in 2020.

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