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The Best TV Sitcoms of 2021

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This list looks at the best current television sitcoms that that will be airing new episodes in 2021. The best sitcoms in 2021 include animated favorites, workplace comedies, classic family sitcoms, and some of the longest-running shows on TV. Which are the best new and returning sitcoms in 2021?

A really good sitcom finds the funny even in frustrating situations and shows like Superstore have been keeping us laughing for years, though newer shows such as B-Positive are just as fun. Several of the best sitcoms in 2020 are animated, as the idea of what makes a sitcom has expanded. Modern sitcoms bring all types of new families, jobs, and groups of friends together for us to watch each week. Other great sitcoms airing new episodes in 2021 include Black-ish and its spinoffs Grown-ish and Mixed-ish, serving sitcom storytelling set in different decades.

Which television sitcoms are you going to watch in 2021? Keep the top of this list fun and funny by voting up the best new and returning TV sitcoms to air in 2021.

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