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Six Flags Secrets Only People Who Work There Can Tell You

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Think you're a Six Flags fanatic? You might visit a couple times a year but still not be familiar with all these hacks for Six Flags theme parks. This list of Six Flags secrets come from employees and other experts, with a few things you didn't know about Six Flags thrown in for good measure. For instance, the park has employed at least one winner of American Idol, and there's video evidence to prove it.

Once you've internalized these Six Flags hacks, you'll want to put them to use at the park of your choosing. After all, only the real theme park experts know all the best rides, most interesting waiting areas, and the smartest ways to save money on tickets. 

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    Six Flags Was In 'National Lampoon's Vacation'

    Photo: Warner Bros

    In the original National Lampoon's Vacation, the Griswolds are trying to make their way to the fictional Walley World. In reality, many of the Walley World scenes were shot at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California.

    When the 2015 reboot of Vacation popped up, the creators did things a bit differently. Instead of shooting at Magic Mountain, the Walley World scenes were shot at Six Flags Over Georgia. Sometimes you have to mix things up to keep life interesting.

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    The Name Refers To A Piece Of Texas History

    Photo: Chris Hagerman / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0

    The original Six Flags park is called Six Flags Over Texas, and is located in Arlington, TX. As it turns out, the amount of flags featured in the franchise's name were not decided upon arbitrarily. Throughout history, Texas has considered itself linked to six different ruling entities: the United States, Mexico, France, Spain, the Confederacy, and Texas itself.

    When it was originally founded in 1961, Six Flags Over Texas had six different sections, each one themed after one of the flags. These days, the park has increased to include ten different sections, such as Gotham City and Bugs Bunny Boomtown. However, the number of flags flying out front remains the same. 

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    It's Good To Be Friends With An Employee

    While there are many ways to get discounted tickets for Six Flags, there's one method that takes the cake. On Reddit, park employee CalmingCalamity said that the "Best possible discount to get in is to know an employee because we get 34 dollar tickets."

    Theme_Park_Throwaway told Reddit that being an employee doesn't mean you can go to the front of the line when visiting the park on your day off, but that you do get a 35% discount on all park food. If you have any park employees in your life, you better start sucking up now.

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    Bringing Coke Can Save You Cash

    Photo: Thomas Wagner / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

    Six Flags has their standard admission price, but a discount is readily available to just about anybody. Just bring a can of Coca-Cola to any Six Flags park, and your price of admission drops significantly. At most parks you'll save $15, while at others the discount can be as steep as $20. 

    At Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, the discount is only $5, but even so, if you buy that can of Coke for a dollar or less, it's still worth it. 

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