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Six Flags Secrets Only People Who Work There Can Tell You

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Think you're a Six Flags fanatic? You might visit a couple times a year but still not be familiar with all these hacks for Six Flags theme parks. This list of Six Flags secrets come from employees and other experts, with a few things you didn't know about Six Flags thrown in for good measure. For instance, the park has employed at least one winner of American Idol, and there's video evidence to prove it.

Once you've internalized these Six Flags hacks, you'll want to put them to use at the park of your choosing. After all, only the real theme park experts know all the best rides, most interesting waiting areas, and the smartest ways to save money on tickets. 

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    They Have The World's Tallest, Fastest Looping Coaster

    Photo: METRO96 / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0

    If you don't mind getting a little dizzy, then Full Throttle is the coaster for you. Located at Magic Mountain in California, it's both the world's tallest looping coaster, and the world's fastest. At its highest point, you'll loop around 160 feet above the ground, and it has three separate launches that take you to 70 MPH.

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    2000 People Got Married At The Park In One Day

    On Valentine's Day in 2000, 1000 couples decided to take the plunge in more ways than one. At Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA, 2000 people said their "I do's" while at the park. While some exchanged vows in an employee parking lot, others were a bit more adventurous.

    Many couples got on board the Goliath coaster, then were stopped before the first drop, where two ministers were waiting. With their help, the couples (who didn't chicken out) said their vows, were pronounced newlyweds, and then were promptly dropped 255 feet. It might sound a bit intense, but it beats doing the Macarena.

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    Kelly Clarkson Worked At Six Flags Over Texas

    Photo: Marc Piscotty / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    With a franchise as expansive as Six Flags, some employees were bound to move on to bigger and better things. At Six Flags Over Texas (the franchise's first location), the list of celebs who were once park employees is fairly extensive. Singer/songwriter John Denver, ventriloquist Jeff Dunham, and Dwayne O'Brien from the band Little Texas all got their start selling snacks and buckling kids into coasters.

    Of all the star-studded employees, the most notable alumni is probably Kelly Clarkson, who sang and danced in the park's shows. See if you can spot her spinning in the "Wild West Revue" show posted to the park's Facebook page.

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    Park Employees Have Fun After Hours

    On a Reddit AMA with employee CalmingCalamity of Six Flags Great Adventure, one user asked something many others were probably wondering. "Do employees ever stick around and ride the rides after hours?"

    The answer is yes... sort of. "Yes! Once a month we'll have the park open for employees only from 10-12," CalmingCalamity responded. While this might not be the case at all locations, it sounds like a great way to close out the work day. Not too many accountants get to clock out and then spend two hours riding coasters on their boss's dime.

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