Sixteen Candles Is Way More Racist And Sexist Than You Remember

In 1984, John Hughes made his directorial debut with the coming of age comedy Sixteen Candles. Unfortunately, although the film was well-received and was once considered an '80s staple, there are several elements in Sixteen Candles that haven't aged well. Really, were these elements ever appropriate? Don't blame it all on Sixteen Candles, though: a lot of '80s and '90s “classics” have not aged well. There are a plethora of reasons why movies like The Goonies or Mrs. Doubtfire would never stand a chance to get released in the 21st century. 

Many of Hughes’s other iconic teen comedies are still considered relevant today. His sophomore effort, The Breakfast Club, has stood the test of time with its exploration of themes and teen issues that are still important to examine today. However, there are plenty of racist and sexist jokes in Sixteen Candles that in this day and age are considered much more offensive than funny. For the woke post-modernist, the movie becomes one long cringe fest.

Here are 9 ways Sixteen Candles upholds blatant sexism and racism, and why the comedy just can't hold up today.