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People Who Are Skeptical About The Paranormal Share The Creepy Stories That Still Haunt Them

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Even supernatural skeptics have a story or two that still managed to scare the hell out of them. These Redditors are describing the supernatural moments that stuck with them despite not believing in that sort of thing.

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    Something Running By The Window

    From Redditor u/cleaning-meaning:

    One night, the girl I was babysitting came running out of her room crying, saying something was walking by her window.

    Now, I get a lot of creepy stories and things from the kids I babysit. They have crazy imaginations. So I go check, not really thinking anything.

    Something runs by the window as I’m checking it out. A distinctly humanoid figure. At this point, I needed a diaper as much as the little girl I was babysitting. So I text the parents asking about it. And no shit, this is the response I get:

    "OMG, you saw it, too?!"

    Yeah, I cried. Called the cops, too. They came by and said they didn’t see anything around.

    The thing is, the parents had called the cops several times before, too, for the same reason. One of the freakiest times I’ve ever babysat.

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    Woken By Screaming

    From Redditor u/fantik122:

    It was a Saturday, and I was taking a nap. In my dreams, a girl with a white dress got near my ear and started screaming. I instantly woke up, and I heard the door ringing. It was a friend, and the moment he comes in, he asks if I'm with a girl at home. I was like, "Why are you asking?" He said that he ringed the bell, and a girl answered. He asked if I was home, and she said, "Yes, he's sleeping. I'll wake him up, just a second."

    I was freakin' traumatized.

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    Saw A Family Friend Who Was Already Dead In The Backyard

    From Redditor u/ObiMemeKenobi:

    This happened back when we were like in third grade.

    It was around 7 pm right when the sun was almost set. My cousins swore that one of my grandma's friends was in their backyard, knocking on the window in their room and trying to talk to them.

    Although not entirely strange for her to be back there (she regularly helped my grandma with her garden), at this point, she had been reported missing, and nobody even knew where she was.

    It was only later that we learned she was already dead sometime that morning. She had been stabbed several times, and her body found in a dumpster nearby.

    I don't know who the f*ck my cousins saw that night...

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    Siblings Felt Like They Were Being Pulled From Their Beds At The Same Time

    From Redditor u/Great_Big__:

    My aunt has a story of her and her siblings sharing the same experience while in three separate rooms.

    My aunt and I were driving in the town she went to school in. We drove past a house, and I remarked how bad it looked. She replied, "It is worse inside. That place is haunted." I had never heard my aunt talk of anything paranormal, and I haven't since.

    The story goes that the three of them rented out some sketchy house while going to school. Apparently, strange things would happen that made them feel uncomfortable but never anything crazy.

    On a few occasions, they would all notice they would wake up in the night with the blankets off and at the foot of the bed. Nothing strange, people kick of blankets when they get too hot all the time.

    One night, my aunt recounts that she had a dream she was falling and needed to grab onto something to save herself. She suddenly realized that she wasn't dreaming and she was being pulled by her ankles out of her bed. She grabbed the rails of the headboard. After a few horrifying moments, she gets the strength to scream. AT THE SAME TIME, she hears screams from her siblings' rooms.

    The feeling ended just as soon as it started, and she ran to check on them. They all had the same feeling of being pulled out of their beds.

    Needless to say, they moved out and didn't look back.