The Best Sketch Comedy TV Shows

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From the historically acclaimed innovation of Monty Python’s Flying Circus to the cultural institution of Saturday Night Live, TV sketch comedy has a long and glorious history. And everyone has their personal favorites, from under-the-radar late-night discoveries to the shows they caught on after-school cable re-runs.

Sketch comedy has been the launchpad for countless Hollywood icons, springing the likes of Jim Carrey (In Living Color), Jordan Peele (Key & Peele), and Adam Sandler (SNL) to A-list fame.

But what are the best sketch comedy TV shows of all-time? Does HBO’s Mr. Show have a case, or is Netflix’s revival, W/Bob and David, even better? Is Monty Python still the gold standard or did the short-lived Chappelle’s Show change the game enough to take over the top spot?

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