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Casey Cavanagh
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No two women are the same, but there are a handful of skills every women should know how to do in life. To live a happy and fulfilling life, it is important to obtain a certain level of self-sufficiency and independence.

Though the only skills a woman "needed" at one time were cooking, cleaning, and household maintaining, we have come along way since those days. While there is no shame in placing priority on self-grooming and domestic talents, it shouldn't stop there. This list has everything you could imagine and more, so vote up your favorites and start learning!
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How To Disable an Attacker

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How to Give Yourself a Breast Exam

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You should be regularly seeing a doctor and getting a yearly exam, but checking yourself every month or so to make sure there aren't any lumps can be a life-saving skill!
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How to Administer CPR

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No one anticipates having to administer CPR, but better safe than sorry!
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How to Comfortably Spend Time Alone

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Learning to spend time by yourself and be comfortable doing it is essential to being independent and for building healthy relationships with others.