An Experimental Horror Movie About A Haunted House Is Making Waves, And Film Fans Are Divided



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Vote up the best responses to the analog horror movie Skinamarink.

Kyle Edward Ball's experimental horror film Skinamarink opened in theaters across the country in January 2023 and film fans are taking sides. The film is a unique take on the haunted-house trope, featuring two children who are left alone in the middle of the night with an evil entity after their parents mysteriously disappear.

Not your usual fear-fest, the analog horror film is more of an experience than a movie as filmgoers are subjected to long shots of walls, carpet, and the backs of heads in a dimly lit home.

Over on Twitter, the movie is polarizing the film community: People either love it or hate it, with very little in between. Here are a few reactions to Skinamarink from film Twitter. Vote up the best tweets.

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    'Not That Scary'

    72 votes
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    Two Kinds Of 'Skinamarink' Reviews

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    'Go Make It Happen'

    92 votes
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    Dangerous Toys

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    Don't Watch At Home With Small Children In The House

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    Horror Has A New Icon

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