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The Questionable Comic Book History Of The Skrulls

The Skrulls have often been considered one of the most dangerous cosmic enemies in the Marvel Universe. However, the depiction of the Skrulls in Captain Marvel may have created a different trajectory for the alien race. Despite the Skrulls' Captain Marvel story arc, the Skrulls' Marvel Comics history is pretty well established, even if it is a bit questionable and difficult to follow.

After all, this is an alien race with billions of individuals, many of whom have interacted with Earth's Mightiest Heroes on more than one occasion. Depending on which Skrulls Marvel Comics you've read - if any - odds are you don't have the full scope of who these shapeshifting aliens truly are. Will their depiction change in the comics now that they've finally been seen on screen, or will the Skrulls from the books remain the villainous monsters who launched "Secret Invasion?"

This list should clear things up as to how the Skrulls have been depicted throughout their decades-long history in Marvel Comics, as well as their time on screen.

Warning: Captain Marvel spoilers ahead.