Graveyard Shift

Inside Skull & Bones, The Elite "Openly Secret" Society With Highly Influential Members

Every year, 15 Yale University seniors are tapped to enter the ranks of Skull and Bones, one of the most mysterious secret societies on the planet. Skull and Bones, as Esquire writer Ron Rosenbaum puts it, is “devoted to converting the idle progeny of the ruling class into morally serious leaders of the establishment.” Skull and Bones dates back to 1832 when William H. Russell, a student at Yale co-created it after returning from Germany. Inspired by the country's occult secret societies, the club began as a faux-occult group that worshipped Eulogia, a fake goddess of eloquence, but they would quickly become one of the few secret societies that run the world.

The amount of famous Skull and Bones members is staggering, and if you go take a look at any brand names in your kitchen like Kellogg or Pillsbury you’ll be looking at the names of some of the oldest families within their ranks. There’s no doubt a myriad of Skull and Bones secrets: what follows are just a few.