Unspeakable Times

Victims Of Murder Attempts Reveal Exactly What Went Down (And How They Made It Out)  

Stefanie Hammond
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These chilling true stories from victims will surprise you with their close-calls and the odd and varied ways they escaped their assailants. Some victims just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but many others escaped from dangerous ex-lovers, extremely disturbed students, and even unstable landlords. Their horror stories feel more like movie plots, but unfortunately for them, it was their reality. However, most of the people recounting their tales of near escapes walked away unscathed - save for a little bit of psychological and emotional damage - from their almost certain fate. Read on for the bizarre and frightening attempts on people's lives that changed them forever.

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Ex-Girlfriend Tried To Hit Him With Her Car

From Redditor /u/JDogg_of_RS:


My ex-gf tried to hit me with her car after following me home from work. She missed, luckily, and drove into a light pole. I didn't call 911 or try to help in any way. I ran like hell and got home safe. She ended up going to some psychiatric center soon after, and I haven't heard from her since!

Ex-Employee Ruined His Favorite Shirt With Bullet Hole

From Redditor /u/khegiobridge:


He fired a pistol through my bedroom wall just after I got home; put a hole in my favorite shirt and scared my girlfriend half to death. I should have seen it coming: he threatened me at work, stalked me after work, threatened my girlfriend; but like a dummy, I didn't think it he was serious. Cause: I fired him from his job for threatening coworkers.

His Classmate Planned To Take Out The MenĀ 

From Redditor /u/that1newjerseyan:


His plan never got off the ground, but a kid who went to my high school planned to shoot up the school while sexually assaulting girls he held as hostages, after [taking out] the men. After he leaked some of the details to a friend of mine, I reported him which got him a suspension. Several weeks elapsed after his return, and I then found out that his locker had been raided (he made similar threats again) and he had a "death list." Mine was the fifth down.

Mother Was Shot In The Back By A Robber

From Redditor /u/travelling-panda:


My mother was the victim. She co-owned a computer company with my dad in the late '80s-early '90s. Man walked in one day using a dark umbrella to cover his face. Before my mother had time to react, he was shouting at everyone in the office to get down on their stomachs. Her employees in the storage/garage were already bound and gagged by his partners. They started stealing all the merchandise in there. As they were leaving, he shot my mother in the back. We believe it was to distract from the robbery. She is okay today. Bullet hit just next to her spine though so the doctors thought she would never be able to walk. Luckily for all of us, she's walking but with a slight limp.