Small Details From Tim Burton's 'Sleepy Hollow' That Made Us Lose Our Heads

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Sleepy Hollow (1999) was the Halloween watch party staple of many people's childhoods thanks to its foggy sets, gothic style, and, of course, haunting headless villain. With Tim Burton directing and a cast including offbeat favorites like Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci, is there anything for a dark heart not to love? 

But there are more than just monsters and ghosts under all that fog - the movie also hides plenty of neat little details. Check them out below, catch any you missed, and don't forget to vote up the best ones.

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    Have You Seen This Windmill?

    The scene in Sleepy Hollow in which the windmill catches fire is an homage to 1931's Frankenstein. Tim Burton would later reuse the imagery for a second time in 2012's Frankenweenie.

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    Pumpkin King Cameos

    The scarecrow at the start of the movie has a pumpkin head carved with the same face Jack Skellington wears at the start of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Both Nightmare and Sleepy Hollow are Tim Burton films.

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    Katrina The Good Witch

    When Katrina makes medicine for Ichabod, she casts a spell over it, saying, "In media nos laudamus." This is actually a line from the traditional Christian hymm "Te Deum laudamus" and means, "We are in the midst of praise."

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    Hidden Mickey

    When someone seals a letter with wax at the beginning of the movie, the droplets fall to form a Mickey Mouse symbol. This may be an homage to Disney, since Walt Disney Productions originally popularized the headless horseman story with their 1949 cartoon adaptation.

    By this time, Burton had already collaborated with Disney on a number of projects, including The Nightmare Before Christmas, Cabin Boy, and James and the Giant Peach. He also apprenticed at Walt Disney Studios as a young man.

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    Left Is Right, Right Is Wrong

    Ichabod is incredibly awkward when he first gets his horse, Gunpowder, and clearly has very little riding experience. This is emphasized by the fact that he tries to mount from the horse's right, even though riders traditionally mount on the left (also called the near side).

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    Bad Omens

    No matter the weather or time of day, a lightning storm hits every time the Horseman strikes.

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