Graveyard Shift Keep The Lights On While Watching This Creepy Slender Man Trailer  

Rebecca High

The first trailer for 2018's Slender Man has dropped, and from the very first frames, it's absolutely bone-chilling.

The movie is based on the eponymous urban legend-come-true of sorts which was birthed in 2009 somewhere in dark internet forums, but which soon grabbed the attention of a lot of people, including kids. 

Teens and pre-teens latched onto the idea of the Slender Man (also stylized "Slenderman") and started acting out in strange bouts of violence, alleging that the "Slender Man made them do it." Ultimately, in 2014 two Wisconsin teens gruesomely stabbed a classmate multiple times after luring her into the woods, supposedly all at the behest of the Slender Man. Other violent acts have been reported and linked to the mythical boogeyman.

The trailer for the new movie gives very little sense of the narrative, but already there's plenty of suspense, gore, and controversy to keep an audience enraptured. Watch this video for a tiny taste of what's to come.