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15 People Share Their Slightly Illegal Life Hacks

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Admit it: you occasionally relish cheating the system. It makes you feel vindicated. Sure, government agencies or nosy employers might get you down, but at least these slightly illegal life hacks are there to lift your spirits. In fact, thrifty people on Reddit have tons of shortcuts to make daily activities easier. If you can handle the ethical gray area, these legally dubious tips are for you.

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    Pay For Lost Garage Tickets Instead Of Parking Fees

    From Redditor u/Heiminator

    At the Frankfurt airport garage: If you park your car there longer than 2 weeks it becomes cheaper to claim you lost your parking ticket and pay the extra fee that comes with that than to pay the actual ticket.

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    Register Cars In Vermont

    From Redditor u/TrashCastle

    If you want to buy a car that doesn't have a title, first make sure it's not stolen, then register it online in the state of Vermont and they will make you a new title and send it to you without needing to inspect it.

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    Pretend To Be An Event Journalist To Get Free Parking

    From Redditor u/Floppypapi

    Learned this one from being an event photographer back in the day and still use it. Any time I need to park at a concert, which often around here they charge $20-30 for parking, I roll the window down and say, "Hello, I'm a journalist working the show tonight for [make up publication or webzine] and was told by venue management to ask for staff parking." If there's a staff parking lot, you get staff parking. If there isn't, they're confused and just let you park in the regular lot for free.

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    Have Your Letter Delivered For Free

    From Redditor u/jsmys

    Put a letter in the mail with no postage and the intended destination as the return address.

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