15 People Share Their Slightly Illegal Life Hacks

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Admit it: you occasionally relish cheating the system. It makes you feel vindicated. Sure, government agencies or nosy employers might get you down, but at least these slightly illegal life hacks are there to lift your spirits. In fact, thrifty people on Reddit have tons of shortcuts to make daily activities easier. If you can handle the ethical gray area, these legally dubious tips are for you.


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    Ask Bars For Free Umbrellas

    From Redditor u/sugarft:

    Need an umbrella? Go into a bar the day after a rainy day and say you left your umbrella there last night. I did this once (I really left my umbrella), they literally had like 10 of them so I upgraded.

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    Get Your Coffee Creamer From 7-11

    From Redditor u/toocontent

    Instead of spending $5 on flavored coffee creamer, go to your local 711 and fill a coffee cup with creamer. You'll end up spending only $1.

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    Get A Free Phone Charger At A Hotel

    From Redditor u/Fallenangel152

    Go to a hotel and tell them you left your phone charger. They pull out the inevitable giant box [of] chargers. Pick one and get a free charger.

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    Sneak Plant Clippings

    From Redditor u/SoulSylveon

    For any of you patient green thumbs out there: next time you go to a green house, carry a ziplock bag with a little bit of water in it in your purse. Whenever you find a plant you like, take a clipping from it, and put it in the ziplock. Take the clipping home, let root in water, and voila! A perfectly pirated plant. I have a whole host of exotic, pirated plants in my place and I didn't pay a dime.