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How SlimFast Became A Billion-Dollar Diet Craze And Faded Away Into Health Fad Heaven

19 Feb 2020 3.4k views12 items

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, supermarket shelves around the US were suddenly overflowing with different types of dieting beverages and snacks, all promising effortless weight loss. SlimFast meal replacement shakes, which had been pulled from shelves in the 1970s, were re-released in 1984 to become a big part of this '80s diet beverage trend. SlimFast's history, however, goes much deeper than its celebrity endorsements and sudden rise to success. 

The company's history is deeply intertwined with ebbs and flows inherent to the dieting culture that was pervasive during the '80s and '90s, when shedding pounds by any means necessary took precedent over meeting minimum daily nutrition values. But much to the dismay of SlimFast’s inventor, S. Daniel Abraham, the product’s success waned almost as drastically as it had risen when the prominence of healthful living trends overtook the dieting mentality.

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