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The slimming coffee's from Asian Coffee market .
Want to lose weight with coffee / 
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We have almost all the slimming coffee's from Asia and other coffee's.
Fitne Coffee White kidney bean is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Slimming Coffee
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Fitne Coffee White kidney bean

Fitne white kidney bean.Details

fitne coffee with white kidney bean extract is funtional coffee, helps to block carbohydrate absorption.

fitne diet coffee is also sweetened by sucralose with a zero calorie.

- fitne coffee with white kidney bean extract & l-lysine : white kidney bean extract blocks carbohydrate absorption derived from coffee is mate such as bread. this unique weight-control blend of fitne coffee also contains l-lysine, which helps stimulate better function of white kidney bean extract in capturing starch out of your body.

Fitne Coffee With Collagen is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Slimming Coffee
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Fitne Coffee With Collagen

Fitne coffee with collagenDetails

fitne coffee with collage.collagen promotes fat and carbohydrate burning metabolism and repair skin.

fitne coffee with collagen & vitamin c

collagen promotes fat and carbohydrate burning metabolism as well as strengthening and repairing skin is cell. the unique weight control blend of fitne coffee also contains vitamin c, which is a critical factor of collagen formation.

Fitne Coffee With Fiber is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list Slimming Coffee
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Fitne Coffee With Fiber

Fitne coffee with fiber

beyond ordinary slimming coffee mix with fiber by fitne, that is essential for balancinge your healthy body from inside out.

fitne coffee premium series with fiber & collagen

fit & healthy tips

natural fiber helps increase bulk density in digestive system as well as regular evacuative system

chromium is essential for insulin to transfer glucose into cells.

benefits :

- balance your digestive system & regular evacuation for effective weight loss

- detox your body by absorbing all kinds of food toxcs through the intestines 

- reduce calories gained from ingested food

- stay firm by burning fat into body muscle and use them as all energy sources

Fitne Coffee is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list Slimming Coffee
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Fitne Coffee

Beauty from inside' ... This unique double-functional coffee can help turning you into Good Shape and Great Look!

- Brightening & Improve your skin radiance

- Improve blood circulation, results in healthy looks

- Rich source of Antioxidant - good for your health

- Block carbohydrate and fat absorption from food intake, helps control weight

- Stay firm by burning unused fat & carbohydrate

Fitne Coffee Premium Series with Cereal & L-Carnitine, plus Multi-Vitamins Fitné Coffee Premium Series, the latest in the line of slimming coffee from Thailand's No. 1 weight-control expert, offer extra healthy benefits in addition to specific weight-control functions designed to suit you beauty needs. Unlike average functional coffee in the market, you can enjoy your Fitne Coffee Premium Series even more with the newly refined tasted that match even your finest coffee experience.

All of Fitne Coffee Premium Series also contain...

NO Cholesterol (0%)

NO Trans Fat (0%)

Sweetend by Fitne Sweet Sucralose a zero calorie sweetener.