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Want To Lose 10 Pounds But You're Allergic To The Gym? We've Got A Makeup Hack For That

Of course, both the female and male bodies are beautiful as they are, regardless of size or form. But many people still enjoy temporarily altering their looks with makeup. Certain makeup tricks can even make you look slimmer. If you use the right products and techniques, you can totally skip that early morning workout.

Contouring and highlighting are particularly helpful, but even your hairstyle can you help out in the slimming department. Once you know how how to make yourself look thinner with makeup, you can focus on important things like filling your wardrobe with even more flattering clothes.

  • Get Your Body In On The Contour Action


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    Contour isn't just for your face! You can contour any body part that you want to look smaller or more toned, including your collarbone, chest, arms, and legs. The same principles apply. Swirl a dark shade on the areas you want to look smaller; add a lighter shade to the areas you want to slim; and then blend until your wrist hurts.

  • Use Highlighter To Complement Your Contour


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    Contour alone isn't the answer to a slimmer face. It needs to be paired with its partner in crime - highlighter. Use highlighter to call attention to a slim, angular part of the face. 

    Dab a luminescent shade just above your cheekbones to complement the contour and make cheeks appear even sharper. Then, dust a narrow line of highlighter down the bridge of your nose. Finally, highlight right under the arch of your brows and along your cupid's bow. Anywhere the light hits is fair game.

  • Play Up Your Eyes


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    Create the illusion of a smaller face by playing up your eyes. The bigger your eyes look, the smaller your face will seem in comparison! Opt for dramatic, smokey shadows and heavy liner for a larger-than-life makeup look. Finish things off by curling lashes and adding mascara.

  • Frame Your Face With Your Eyebrows


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    Thick, sharp arches will draw eyes upward, creating the illusion of a longer, thinner face. Emphasize your natural shape by filling in brows with a brow pencil or shadow. Focus on creating a slight arch in the brow. The more angular, the better.