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List of Famous Bands from Slovenia

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List of Slovenia bands, listed by their level of fame. This Slovenia musicians list includes both bands and solo artists. All famous Slovenia bands are included, as well as many Slovenia musicians of underground status. This list of Slovenia musical artists includes information like what genre the artist falls under, what albums they've put out and more. If you want to know more about these famous Slovenia bands you can click on their names to learn more about them. Bands from every genre are listed here, including rock, pop, hip-hop/rap, jazz, and more.

List bands include DJ Umek, Laibach and many more.

If you're wondering, "What bands are from Slovenia?" or "What is a list of Slovenia bands?" then this list will answer your questions. {#nodes}
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    DJ Umek

    DJ Umek

    Tech house, Electronic dance music

    AlbumsToolroom Knights, The X EP, The Torture Chamber 2, Difolvon E.P., 3 Minutes and a Cigarette Later

    Uroš Umek (Slovene pronunciation: [ˈúːrɔʃ ˈúːmək]; born May 16, 1976), better known as DJ Umek... more on Wikipedia

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    Neoclassical Dark Wave, Industrial metal

    AlbumsLet It Be, Jesus Christ Superstars, Rekapitulacija 1980-1984, Kapital, NATO

    Laibach (German pronunciation: [ˈlaɪbax]) is a Slovenian avant-garde music and music video... more on Wikipedia
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    Alenka Gotar

    Alenka Gotar

    Operatic pop
    Alenka Gotar is a Slovene soprano singer, born in Rodica in 1977. With the song “Cvet z juga”... more on Wikipedia
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    Synthpop, Pop music

    AlbumsMa non troppo, Unlike a Virgin, Veronika, Maison Des Rendez-Vous, Vain

    Silence is a Slovene electronic, synthpop and soundtrack music composing duo consisting of... more on Wikipedia
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    Black metal

    AlbumsThe Deliverance of the Fall, Manifestation of Seasonal Bleeding, Venera: Trial & Tribulation, Black Love

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    Extreme Smoke

    Extreme Smoke

    Noise music, Grindcore

    AlbumsWho Sold the Scene?

    Extreme Smoke 57 are known as the first grindcore band from Slovenia. The band formed in early... more on Wikipedia
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    Atomik Harmonik


    AlbumsBrizgaaaaj!, Vriskaaaj!, Turbo Polka, Brizgaaaaj! Še več in dlje!, Polkaholik

    Atomik Harmonik is a turbo-folk music group from Kamnik, Slovenia. Their debut single... more on Wikipedia
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    Anžej Dežan

    Anžej Dežan

    Pop music, Dance music
    Anžej Dežan (born June 17, 1987 in Šentjur, near Celje, SFR Yugoslavia) is a Slovenian singer.
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    Valentino Kanzyani

    Valentino Kanzyani


    AlbumsIntecnique: A Continuous Mix by Valentino Kanzyani, Under Pressure EP, First Level Completed E.P., I'd Say Yes (feat. Louise Carver), House Soul EP

    Tine Kocjančič, better known as Valentino Kanzyani is a Slovenian techno deejay and music... more on Wikipedia
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    Electronic music, Industrial music

    AlbumsAnadonia, Autistic, Signia

    PureH is a slovenian electronic music group formed in 1993, when their first clips “Inertia”... more on Wikipedia
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    Synthpop, Electronic music

    AlbumsThe Guide, Variacije, Vse kar si pustila da leži na tleh, Melodrom

    Melodrom are a Slovenian alternative Synthpop band, founded in 1999.
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    Punk rock

    AlbumsPesmi Sprave, Nč se ne premakne, Državni ljubimci, Dolgcajt, Rdeči album

    Pankrti were a punk rock band from Ljubljana, Slovenia, active in the late 1970s and 1980s.... more on Wikipedia
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    Gothic rock, Electronic body music

    AlbumsResistance, Dreamers in Colour, Pro Choice, No Hope, No Fear

    Borghesia is a Slovenian electronic music/rock music group, created in Ljubljana in 1982. The... more on Wikipedia
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    Dan D

    Dan D

    Rock music, Rock and roll


    Dan D is a popular Slovenian rock band that has been formed in 1996 in Novo Mesto and has... more on Wikipedia
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    Perpetuum Jazzile

    Perpetuum Jazzile

    Pop music, Jazz

    AlbumsVocal Ecstasy, Thank You For The Music - Special 30th Jubilee Edition, Čudna noč, Africa, Forget you're in a hurry

    Perpetuum Jazzile is a Slovenian musical group, best known for a 2009 a capella cover of... more on Wikipedia
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    Lačni Franz

    Rock music

    AlbumsKaj bi mi brez nas?, Ikebana, Na svoji strani, Tiha voda

    Lačni Franz was a rock band from Slovenia that was also popular in the 1980s in Titoist... more on Wikipedia
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    300,000 V.K.

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    Progressive metal
    Prospect is a Slovenian progressive metal band from Ljubljana founded in 1991. Their... more on Wikipedia
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    The Stroj

    Industrial metal, Industrial music
    The name The Stroy comes from the Slovene word ‘stroj’ which means a ‘machine’. Pronounced... more on Wikipedia
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