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halloween Slutty Costumes for 2010  

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Sexy Halloween costume ideas for 2010. Your s**tty ideas costume repository! from dressing as the sexiest celebs like Megan Fox, to simply going as a sexy nurse. Any girl can make a sexy halloween costume by wearing something short with fishnets but these have a sexy spin that will make the opposite sex (or same sex if you roll that way) drool.
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Lady Gaga loves Halloween. She wears costumes all year long. To wear a Lady Gaga costume just pick out any one piece swimsuit and accessorize. Then just walk around like you're over compensating for poor self-esteem and your costume will be complete.

CLICK HERE for tons of sexy Lady Gaga costumes!

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Body Paint

How much s**ttier can you get? Well, you could always just go naked. From painting perfectly positioned spots and calling yourself a cow, to painting yourself blue and saying you're an avatar-- the list is endless and awesomely s**tty.

CLICK HERE for Neytiri's costume from Avatar! (No body paint needed)
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You can goes as Megan Fox's character from Jennifers Body "Jennifer Check". Pick any of her killing outfits and just be sultry, guys will love that s**t.

CLICK HERE for the sexiest, s**ttiest, awesomest (yes I know that's not a real word) cheerleader costume ever!

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