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15 Superheroes Who Would Totally Be Slytherins

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Selfish superheroes seem like an oxymoron, but there are plenty of buff dudes in spandex in various fictional worlds who make saving people more about themselves than the people they're saving. Whether they're trying to impress a girl or achieve fame, sometimes a hero is saving others while only thinking about themselves. One has to then wonder if their motivations outweigh their actions - or does any of that really matter as long as people are getting rescued? 

If every superhero was separated into the various Harry Potter houses, there would be plenty of DC and Marvel characters in Slytherin. This may come as a surprise, seeing as the Harry Potter books and movies paint every Slytherin as a one-note villain, but a smart Slytherin would understand that the best way to control others and stroke their ego would be to become a hero.

  • His Most Slytherin Qualities: Everything about Loki, from his green aesthetic to his penchant for lying, screams Slytherin. Growing up, Loki always felt isolated because he couldn't live up to his brother Thor, which made him grow into a fiercely independent man. To keep up with his brother's brawn, Loki had to become incredibly cunning and smart. Similar to Albus Severus, the Slytherin son of Harry Potter, Loki worries that he may be secretly evil, and he tries to fight against that nature. However, he just can't seem to help himself from lying. 

    Magical Specialty: Loki could use Reducio to shrink Thor and make him easier to fight, or he could use Accio to frustrate Thor by summoning Mjolnir. 

  • Red Hood Disregards All Of Batman's Rules
    Photo: DC Comics

    His Most Slytherin Qualities: Red Hood is the black sheep of the Bat-Family. Even before his demise, Jason Todd wasn't an easy Robin for Batman to train. In fact, Jason only met Batman because he famously tried to steal the wheels off of the Batmobile. He barely listened to Batman as Robin and then perished at the hands of the Joker. When Jason returned to the scene as Red Hood, he had even less patience for authority in his life. He routinely broke Batman's one rule to never kill, and even after he became reincorporated into the Bat-Family, he frequently fought with the others. 

    Magical Specialty: This is a bit on the nose, but Red Hood would be quite fond of the Killing Curse, AKA Avada Kedavra. 

  • Her Most Slytherin Qualities: Being raised in the abusive Red Room and trained to be a spy by the Soviet Union ensured that Black Widow has a healthy distrust of everyone around her. Because of her distrustful nature and independent spirit, Natasha Romanoff is a natural fit for Slytherin. No other house could produce the world's greatest super-spy. A great example of Natasha's willingness to go solo to get the job done is the storyline Secret Empire, wherein Natasha parts ways from the rest of the Underground heroes so she can do what they wouldn't and slay (the evil) Steve Rogers herself. 

    Magical Specialty: As a spy, no magical item from the world of Harry Potter would be more helpful to Natasha than the Cloak of Invisibility

  • Her Most Slytherin Qualities: Slytherins are all about self-preservation, and Black Cat's main trait is that she only looks out for herself. Occasionally, Felicia Hardy goes straight to help out Spider-Man, but to be honest, that's for herself more than anyone else, as she has a bit of a crush on the Spider. Left to her own devices, Black Cat robs the Marvel Universe blind in order to build her wealth and keep herself comfortable. In her most recent series, she robs the likes of Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and the Fantastic Four. 

    Magical Specialty: There are plenty of spells that could take Black Cat's thieving to the next level. Alohomora, a spell that can unlock any door, would definitely be a favorite of Felicia's.